Build and Celebrate Community

Beyond identifying the geographical location in which one lives, communities can provide opportunities for individuals to socialize and interact with one another, work toward common goals, and feel connected. 

A sense of community can mean different things to different people.  As such, SOAR works to provide a variety of ways in which individuals can become a part of Streeterville's shared history, vision and experience:

  • Membership in SOAR enables residents to stay informed, learn and grow through program offerings, socialize with neighbors, and take advantage of members-only special offers.  Residential buildings can learn from one another.  Businesses can connect to local consumers.
  • Task forces and committees provide residents the opportunity to influence the direction of their community and have positive impact in areas most important to them.
  • Volunteer opportunities, both big and small, enable residents to share their time and talents in ways that are meaningful to them as individuals and the community as a whole.
  • Recognition programs, including SOAR's annual awards, celebrate individual and collective success in Streeterville.