Elected Officials

The following individuals are elected to represent Streeterville residents at the City, State and Federal level.

Chicago City Council

In January 2012, the Chicago City Council voted to approve a new ward map. Based on the new ward map, the Streeterville community is geographically located in two wards:  the 2nd and the 42nd.

        Alderman Brian Hopkins represents the 2nd ward. Alderman Hopkin's constituent office is located at:

1400 N. Ashland Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60622
312-643-2299 (Phone)
773-270-4673 (FAX)

Alderman Brendan Reilly
represents the 42nd ward. Alderman Reilly's constituent office is located at:

325 W. Huron Street, Suite 510
Chicago, Illinois 60654
312-642-0420 (FAX)


Cook County

Commissioner Dennis Deer represents Streeterville on the Cook County Board. Commissioner Deer office is located at:

Dennis Deer
118 N. Clark Street, Room 567
Chicago, Illinois 60602
312-603-3019 (Phone)
312-603-4055 (FAX)

Illinois House of Representatives

Representative Christian Mitchell represents Streeterville which is part of the 26th district. Representative Mitchell's constituent office is located at:

449 East 35th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60616
773-924-1775 (Phone)
773-924-1775 (FAX)


Illinois Senate

Senator Kwame Raoul represents Streeterville which is part of the 13th district. Senator Raoul's constituent office is located at:

1509 East 53rd Street, Second Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60615
773-363-1996 (Phone)
773-681-7166 (FAX)


U.S. House of Representatives

Representative Danny Davis represents Streeterville which is part of the 7th District in Illinois. Representative Davis' district office is located at:

3333 West Arthington Street, Suite 130
Chicago, Illinois 60624
773-533-7520 (Phone)
773-533-7530 (FAX)


U.S. Senate

Senator Dick Durbin and Senator Tammy Duckworth represent Streeterville in the US Senate.

Senator Dick Durbin
309 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington DC  20510
DC: 202-224-2152
Chicago: 312.353.4952  

        Senator Tammy Duckworth
        SD-G12 Dirksen Senate Office Building
        Washington, DC 20510
        DC: (202) 224-2854
        Chicago: 312.886.2506