Message from the President: Summer in the City

Bob Johnson, Deborah Gershbein,
Commander Paul Bauer
Chicago is a great place to be in the summer months. Streeterville is at the top of the list with its many local attractions: the Lakefront, Chicago River, Navy Pier, Parks, and Michigan Avenue, just to name a few. We also enjoy many wonderful restaurants, cultural attractions, world-class shopping and, of course, the SOAR Farmers Market and SOAR Gardens at Lake Shore Park. SOAR works to keep Streeterville one of the very best neighborhoods in Chicago. While so many residents and visitors are enjoying the season, SOAR continues to fulfill its mission to preserve, promote and enhance the quality of life and community everyday. How does SOAR participate in doing this? We have a committed Board of Directors Task Force Committees and volunteers that work on behalf of the neighborhood in many different ways. We keep a close eye on neighborhood activities to ensure that they are appropriate for residents and visitors. If we see a potential problem, we don't hesitate to speak up. We take our responsibilities quite seriously. For example, we recently contacted Alderman Brendan Reilly with regard to keeping Streeterville safe and sound (see the story below.)
Streeterville is a community of over 30,000 residents who share this densely populated area with visitors, businesses, institutions, recreational attractions and retail establishments. In order to make certain that balance is maintained in this mixed-use community, it is essential that SOAR remain the voice of residents to build and celebrate community. We thank our members for your loyal support! If you are not a member yet, please take the time to renew (click here) or join today (click here).  Enjoy the summer!
As always, I will be happy to hear your ideas and respond to your questions and comments when you reach me at
Deborah Gershbein
SOAR Position Statements
The SOAR Board of Directors recently sent letters to Alderman Brendan Reilly (Ward 42) regarding safety issues in South Streeterville. The first pertains to securing the underpass at Ohio Street, following recent fatal gun violence. The second, which was directed to Local Liquor Control Commissioner Shannon Trotter, objects to granting a tavern license to a prospective establishment with a history of abuse of the privilege. Click here to read the letters. Your comments are welcome at  Click here for a link to an article in DNAInfo
THIS JUST IN..........  We just received additional correspondence from Alderman Reilly updating Streeterville residents about the latest information about Firewater Saloon and their recent community meeting where they failed to invite SOAR or the Alderman. Please click here to read the letter.


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