What's happening during September in SOAR

First Responders Appreciation Day

 SOAR recently held a Town Hall meeting with State Representative Christian Mitchell to discuss the issue of siren noise in Streeterville. Members of the Chicago Fire Department attended and explained why sirens do make so much noise-and much of the time it is for the safety of everyone involved.  

We are grateful for Streeterville's First Responders. SOAR is hosting its Fourth Annual First Responders Appreciation Day next Monday September 11. It is our way of saying "Thank You" to those who help us when we are in need.They are there for us 24/7 to help pave the way during crisis situations large and small. So we want to say a big thank you to every first responder from Chicago to Houston to New York and from Paris to London, and around the world. 
We can take comfort in the fact that our first line defenders, including firefighters, emergency medical technicians and law enforcement, protect our communities as best as they humanly can. And so, with SOAR's First Responders Appreciation Day, Monday September 11th, I encourage you to pause and say "Thank You" to those who, without fail, show up.
Special thanks to our many generous neighborhood partners who made this event success. 



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