SOAR Board of Directors Unanimously Opposed to Sprinkler Mandates

The Board of Directors of SOAR, the Streeterville Organization of Active Residents, voted unanimously to support a Resolution to oppose any legislation that would mandate the installation of sprinklers in buildings completed before 1975. You may read the Resolution by clicking here. The action is a result of hearing residents and management company representatives we've met with, as well as our own prudent and deliberative process for taking positions.

Over the years, special interests in Illinois have lobbied to the Illinois House of Representatives in efforts to mandate the installation of sprinklers in all buildings built before 1975, the year sprinklers were made mandatory for all new and rehabbed construction. In Streeterville alone, thousands of homeowners would face mounting bills for mandated sprinkler installation. Time and again, the Illinois House has responsibly voted against the mandate, citing exorbitant costs and local regulations that already provide for rigorous emergency safety measures.

Alderman Brendan Reilly (Ward 42) informed his constituents that State Representative Sara Feigenholtz (12th District) introduced legislation that would prohibit a mandating bill coming before the House without prior review by the General Assembly and by a special task force. Along with Alderman Reilly, we encourage passage of this bill in order to create barriers to prevent special interests from continually bringing mandates before the Legislature without review.

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