Ensure Thoughtful Development

The Streeterville neighborhood is home to tens of thousands of Chicagoans, important cultural, educational and medical institutions, some of the world’s greatest retail and dining, and a destination for countless visitors who come from across the nation and around the world.  It is a powerful economic engine for the region and it contributes greatly to the city’s reputation. 

Streeterville residents understand, appreciate and enjoy the diversity that comes from the unique mix of institutional, commercial, and residential uses.  SOAR seeks to maintain a viable balance among uses so Streeterville can continue to contribute powerfully to Chicago’s future.  SOAR is proud to take seriously our stewardship of this great asset.  Created in 1975 as a unique community organization, SOAR is committed to the kind of thorough and thoughtful planning that will allow our community continued growth.

SOAR's works to ensure thoughtful development and redevelopment of Streeterville through the continual review of development proposals to improve and shape them.  Formalized planning and zoning principles underpin these efforts.