Streeterville Neighborhood Plan

In conjunction with SOAR's 30th anniversary in 2005,  SOAR undertook the challenge to develop a plan that would address the Streeterville portion of Chicago's larger Central Area Plan 2020. 

In June 2004, 175 residents and stakeholders from Streeterville participated in a community forum to express their ideas for the future of their neighborhood.  The Streeterville Neighborhood Plan (SNP) was developed from the ideas generated during that facilitated process.  The overriding vision for the future of our community is to promote sensible growth while preserving the ambience of Streeterville.

Published in spring 2005, the plan's objectives were to:

  • identify neighborhood issues and opportunities to enhance its character and quality of life
  • establish preference to guide preservation and development activities
  • describe amenities that will enhance Streeterville as a place to live, work, shop and play
  • provide a framework for thoughtful, well-planned and integrated future development.

The SNP focuses on a number of areas key to Streeterville's future success:

A copy of the plan may be obtained by contacting the SOAR office.