Meet our Vendors

Stop by every Tuesday from June to October and get to know our vendors. All are local and offer a variety of fresh, homegrown specialities. By the end of the season you'll be on a first name basis with all our vendors. They are a friendly bunch!

Bennison's Bakery
Bennison’s Bakery has been making great baked goods on the North Shore since 1938. They have an emphasis on European style pastries, cookies, and custom decorated cakes.

Breadman Baking Company
A local bread baker. They have tasty fresh baked breads like: 9 grain, whole wheat, focaccia and rolls. They have a loyal following at the market and some breads go fast so get there early.  

Ellis Family Farms
This Michigan family farm specializes in fruits but they also have some great vegetables, honey and in the fall the best apple cider you will ever have.  

Gotta B Crepes
Fresh, made-to-order crepes. They have a variety of offerings, both savory and sweet. Most of their ingredients come from the market itself so they are super fresh and locally grown.   

Gayle's Best Ever Grilled Cheese
It could easily be the best grilled cheese you will ever have. They have taken grilled grilled cheese to a new level by adding unusual ingredients like: bacon onion jam, pork sausage and poblano mustard.  

Heartland Meats
A producer of top quality beef from the famed Piedmontese Breed.

J2K Capraio
A family run dairy that produces handcrafted goat and cow's milk cheeses. 

Karl’s Kraft Soup
They offer 2 kinds of soups, which change from week to week, to go. They make their delicious soups using seasonal ingredients many of which are purchased at the market.

Klehm Grower
A flower grower that specializes in orchids. 

Lane's End Farms
They specialize is high quality organic produce and herbs. Once you have their tomatoes you will have a hard time eating the boring ones you get at the supermarket.  

Lyons Fruit Farm
A great new addition to the market. They offer fresh, locally grown fruit along with farm fresh, cage free eggs and potted plants.

Nichols Farm and Orchard
The largest of the produce vendors. They have a huge variety of in season fruits and vegetables including: apples, strawberries, potatoes, kale, radishes, leeks, pumpkins, peppers, onions and dozens more. They also have some more exotic offerings that you will not see at many other places like: kohlrabi, shishito peppers and ground cherries.    

North Wichert Gardens
Flowers, flowers and more flowers. The most beautiful tent at our market. They have the nicest lilies you will see anywhere.  

Noffke Family Farms
Probably the most diverse of all of the vendors. They have great fruit from Michigan along with fresh vegetables like asparagus. They also offer plants and flowers and to round it out fresh chicken and duck eggs. Yes duck eggs. If you have not tried them and you like fried eggs you simple must try them.  

Phoenix Bean
Small batch tofu. They use only the finest Illinois grown non-GMO soybeans with no additives or preservatives to create their flavorful tofu in small batches. Their tofu products are naturally cholesterol and gluten free, and contain no trans fats.

Provo Bakery
The freshest made pies, pastries and sweets will lure you in like a black hole. No one can walk by without stopping to admire these works of art.

Smits Farm
A go to for great herbs and plants. You can get a large bunch of herbs picked within a day from them for a dollar or two or you can go to the grocery store and spend $5 for some wilted, tasteless herbs. 

Stamper Cheese
Every week Stamper Cheese brings some of Wisconsin's best cheese to Chicago. Their aged cheddar is spectacular. The pistachio roll is the world's best cheese spread. Every cheese they have is very good. Stop by and ask to taste some and we guarantee you will not be able to resist buying something. 

River Valley Ranch
Mushrooms abound at their tent but do not let that distract you from buying the great sauces and spreads that they offer. They also sell tamales featuring what they grow themselves.  

Underground Meats
A small producer of artisan cured meat products.