As Streeterville's premier advocacy organization, we follow closely the developments and activities taking place in our community. This sometimes requires us to take a position on behalf of the residents and businesses that call Streeterville home.This section will help you understand how the SOAR Board is representing the community on many very important issues.

Policy Statements

Position:  SOAR Board of Directors Airbnb Statement Passed on June 21, 2016

As devoted residents of the Streeterville community we aim to maintain, as well as continually improve the safety, security and integrity of our neighborhood. Recently, many Streeterville residents have been exposed to the new house sharing industry. Residential owners, renters and investment entities have utilized intermediary platforms to profit by renting space in buildings for a select period of time.
While we respect a person’s ability entertain their rights as a property owner, too often we’ve seen house sharing operators enlist irresponsible and disrespectful renters, creating a nuisance to our neighbors and community. City officials and our local representatives have been engaged in ongoing discussions as to whether house sharing is appropriate in certain neighborhoods and in the City of Chicago as a Both Alderman Reilly and Alderman Hopkins have voiced their concerns based on every day feedback of disrupted neighbors.


To that end, as the primary neighborhood association in Streeterville, we respectfully ask that the City of Chicago consider stronger regulation, enforcement and quality of life measures in order for this to be an accepted industry in Chicago. In order to make house sharing an appropriate and accepted practice in Streeterville, we support the creation of a concrete plan of operations that third party platforms (house sharing vendors) must abide by. We believe the implementation of a building ‘opt out’ list, strong enforcement and swift removal of listings linked to criminal or nuisance activity are secure measures to instill.


Our aim is to ensure that the quality of life in Streeterville is not diminished at the sake of bad apple operators and those who do not respect our neighbors, or abide by the law.  If stronger regulation, swift enforcement and a solid operational framework are not instilled by the City, the Streeterville Organization of Active Residents will not support the proposed ordinance allowing for downtown districts to be conforming to the house sharing industry.