Real Estate Committee Sub-Committees

The Real Estate Committee is divided into six sub-committees.

Zoning/Lakefront Protection

  • Meet with Friends of the Parks to understand the Lakefront Protection Ordinance, what is valued, and what should be encouraged
  • Understand and apply the zoning code to project reviews focusing on bonuses available, setback requirements, bulk tables in Planned Developments (PDs), etc.

Traffic / Transportation

  • Review traffic studies for each development, identify issues, and develop suggestions for improvement
  • Review Traffic Management Plans (TMPs), identify issues, and develop suggestions for improvement
  • Identify ways to encourage less private auto transportation (e.g., public transportation, bike lanes,  BART, etc.)
  • Determine solutions to improve traffic flow and address issues (e.g., TMAs, countdown signals)
  • Track parking space supply and demand in the area
  • Identify and develop suggestions to address issues with valet parking, loading zones, etc.
  • Monitor buses and idling buses
  • Keep abreast of CTA improvements and their impact on the Streeterville community


  • Attend CAPS (Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy) meetings and report latest issues to committee
  • Coordinate issues with police department and building managers/residents
  • Expand the doorman phone tree initiative


  • Meet with Preservation Chicago and Landmarks Illinois on a regular basis
  • Create a proactive plan for identifying potential landmark buildings in the area; incorporate the information into the Streeterville Neighborhood Plan


  • Inventory and document the natural features of Streeterville
  • Communicate information on key environmental and sustainability issues to Streeterville residents
  • Develop a set of guiding principles for a “sustainable neighborhood” based upon the LEED for Neighborhood Development Rating System and “new urbanism” principles in conjunction with the Streeterville Neighborhood Plan and Planning Principles
  • Develop a Sustainability Plan for the SOAR office and Board meetings
  • Develop and lead special events including Streeterville participation in the annual City of Chicago Paper Drive, International PARKing Day
  • Coordinate the Streeterville Clean Up and other cleanups throughout the year

Big Picture Planning/Public Art/Public Improvements

  • Update the Streeterville Neighborhood Plan
  • Continue work on south Streeterville streetscape planning
  • Identify improvements that will be incorporated into new development approvals
  • Identify locations for public art and public improvements