Recently, a number of Streeterville residents have told us they received a recorded phone message (commonly known as a “robo-call”) asking them to contact Mayor Emanuel to urge his support of a campaign to confer landmark status on the former Prentice Hospital building at 333 E. Superior. SOAR is NOT involved in this telephone effort, and has always adhered to a strict policy of complete confidentiality regarding phone numbers, email, and other personal information belonging to our members. It is our understanding that these calls are being sponsored by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Chicago Field Office. SOAR will never share your personal information with any other organization. If you received a robo-call, be assured SOAR was neither the caller, nor the source of your phone number.

SOAR’s position on this matter was determined by a plurality vote of the Board of Directors in May of 2011. After the vote, SOAR issued a public statement of its position, which read in part:  

SOAR is not in favor of a request to pursue landmark designation for the former Prentice Hospital building at 333 East Superior Street in Streeterville. We do acknowledge the significance of the building as an excellent example of the body of work by internationally acclaimed architect Bertrand Goldberg, and we recognize a minority opinion among SOAR’s leadership for preserving the structure.

The statement went on to call upon Northwestern University to work with SOAR and the office of Alderman Brendan Reilly in seeking an acceptable temporary use for the site that would be of benefit to the neighborhood while plans for a new structure at 333 E. Superior were prepared. As the debate over preservation vs. demoltion continues, SOAR will remain engaged in dialog with all stakeholders until final action is taken by the City Council.

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