SOAR Recognition Programs

SOAR has established awards to recognize contributions made by both individuals and organizations to preserve, promote, and enhance the quality of life and community in Streeterville.

Beautification Awards

Given annually to residential, institutional, and commercial buildings, SOAR's beautification award recognizes properties for which the landscaping:

  • contributes to the overall qualify of life in Streeterville for residents and tourists
  • shows substantial improvement in quality and interest
  • demonstrates creativity, color, and interest for residents, workers and tourists
  • is well maintained and cared for

The award winners are those that inspire other Streeterville residential, commercial, and institutional buildings to improve their own landscaping.

Past award winners

Betty G. Eaton Spirit Award

Presented at SOAR's annual meeting in any year in which it is given, the Betty G. Eaton Spirit Award recognizes a noteworthy improvement or service for Streeterville community residents and the person or institution that was the primary catalyst or director of this activity.  The efforts of the recipient of this award would generally be thought of as “above and beyond the call of duty”, rather than a regular part of that person’s or institution’s responsibilities.  The recipient need not be a resident of Streeterville.

The recipient is chosen by the President of the SOAR Board of Directors with the approval of a majority of Board members.  As this ward is a special recognition of an extraordinary activity or improvement, the award is presented at the discretion of the President of the SOAR Board of Directors.

Past award winners

Green Ribbon Award

Presented at the annual meeting, this award recognizes a building with outstanding environmental practices. The Green Ribbon is newly established and has not yet been awarded.

Pillars of the Community

Presented at SOAR's annual fundraiser, the Pillars of the Community honor recognizes entities that demonstrate community dedication to providing ongoing significant outreach to the residents of the Streeterville community.  These services would generally be thought of as “above and beyond the call of duty” rather than part of the day-to-day services provided by these stakeholders.  They would support SOAR’s mission to “work on behalf of the residents of Streeterville by preserving, promoting, and enhancing the qualify of life and community.”

Among other objectives, the Pillars of the Community program is designed to:

  • Inspire other stakeholders to emulate the honorees by establishing programs and policies that enhance the quality of life for Streeterville residents,
  • Strengthen the relationships between SOAR and Streeterville’s non-resident entities
  • Increase visibility, financial support and attendance for SOAR events

Recipient(s) are recommended by Past Presidents and the current President of SOAR and named with the approval of a majority of Board members.  Beginning in 2008, calls for nominees will be made to SOAR members two months before the presentation, via all SOAR communications conduits, in other to better reflect residents’ perspectives.  As this is a special recognition of extraordinary service, the honor will be bestowed at the discretion of the SOAR Past Presidents and the Board of Directors and need not be presented every year.

Past award winners

Positively Invaluable Volunteer Award

Presented annually at an appropriate event, this award honors those volunteers who demonstrate:

  • A high degree of personal dedication to furthering the goals of SOAR and its members;
  • Leadership in a significant and successful new SOAR endeavor and/or a track record of continuous years of valuable participation in an important ongoing project;
  • A high standard of community service;
  • Enhancement of SOAR’s services.

The SOAR President, with the advice and consent of the Volunteer Task Force Chair and Board of Directors, and consulting by SOAR staff, will choose honorees.  All volunteers in the organization, with the exception of sitting members of the Board of Directors, will be eligible for the award.  No person may win the award more than once.

Past award winners

Streeterville Star

To be given to a Streeterville resident who demonstrates outstanding achievement in the community.

The Streeterville Star is newly established and has not yet been awarded.

Vision into Reality

 Past award winners