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Task Forces & Committees

The following describes the purpose of SOAR's various task forces and committees.  Streeterville residents are invited and encouraged to get involved.  Any resident eighteen or older who is interested in participating should contact the chair of the task force or committee by email as indicated below.

Marketing & Communications Task Force

The SOAR Communications Task Force welcomes professional and otherwise experienced volunteers to enhance staff capabilities by becoming involved in setting guidelines for and engaging in creating and coordinating our integrated program. Media include online newsletters, social media, brochures, invitations, bulletins, advertising and public relations.

 2018 Chair - Clare Hennessy

Garden Club

The Garden Club purchases, plants and maintains the garden at Lake Shore Park.  Any resident is welcome to help - all you need is your own nozzle for the watering.  We have all other equipment - gloves, rakes, hoses, bags etc.  There are two Clean Up days - one in the spring and the other in late fall.  Both are announced in advance by SOAR. Planting usually takes place at the end of May or when the weather is decent and we can get delivery from our suppliers for the majority of the plant material.  This date is also announced in the newsletter.

The Club meets at the garden on Saturday mornings during the warm weather seasons to help weed and water.

2018 Chair – Judy Birk

Greening & Sustainability Task Force

The Greening and Sustainability (G&S) Task Force supports SOAR’s overall mission and goals related to enhancing quality of life with particular emphasis on ensuring thoughtful development and encouraging environmental awareness.  G&S also supports the environmental mission, goals, and policies of the Streeterville Neighborhood Plan by developing educational activities to promote environmental sensitivity among SOAR members, other Streeterville residents, and local businesses; developing “hands-on” opportunities to improve the environmental quality of Streeterville, including air, temperature, water, sound, and light; serving as a liaison to Chicago’s municipal agencies for their projects and initiatives for maximizing environmental quality; and serving as a resource to SOAR for information on environmental issues.

2018 Chair - Jay Lubinsky

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee focuses on increasing and enhancing SOAR membership through broad-based recruiting initiatives.  By building awareness of SOAR's positive involvement in Streeterville and promoting the value of membership, the committee encourages residents, residential buildings, and businesses to join or renew their participation in Streeterville's dynamic, dedicated, resident-driven community organization.

2018 Chair - Bob Levin

Parks Task Force

The Parks Task Force is a joint effort of SOAR, the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association, and other community groups to expand and improve the parks within our area, enhance our lakefront, and encourage the development of additional open space for the enjoyment and benefit of all of our residents and visitors.

2018 Chair – Mario Hollemans

Land Use and Development Task Force

The mission of the land use, planning & development task force (lupd) is to address the land use, planning, preservation, traffic, transportation, zoning & real estate development issues in the streetervilee community so as to ensure the desired balance between residential, commercial, institutional, retail, recreational and mix uses that currently exist.  The task force will strive to represent the whole community when addressing the issues outlined above and will encourage the following principles when issues are presented:

       Green design & infrastructure
       Create pedestrian friendly environments
       Respect for the variety of uses & institutions  in streeterville
       Adequate & well designed parking garages that create active & attractive spaces from the exterior
       Preservation of neighborhood treasures: architectural, historic or natural made
       Increase landscaped green & open space
       World class architectural design
       Opportunities to improve traffic patterns & flow
       Encourage additional transit options for the area

2018 Co-Chairs  Gail Spreen and Judy Aiello Fantus

Safety & Well Being Task Force

The Mission of the Safety and Security Task Force is to Promote and Secure Public Safety for all personal and property in the Streeterville Neighborhood.  Our vision is that Streeterville residents feel safe and live in a neighborhood publicly recognized as the safest neighborhood in Chicago. Our strategy is to leverage our collective  neighborhood awareness with the professional safety forces to fulfill our vision. There are a number of active initiatives and we encourage you to become an active contributor.

  2018 Chair - Bob Johnson