Develop a Long-Term Strategy for Vacant Lots

There are a number of vacant lots sprinkled throughout central and south Streeterville.  These unused surface lots are both potential safety hazards and eyesores.

SOAR is encouraging all owners of vacant lots to increase lighting, set back fences to eliminate blind corners, and make other improvements to improve pedestrian safety around these lots.

Additionally, SOAR is working with the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association (GNMAA), the Alderman, and the developers who own these lots to determine if there are ways these lots could provide short-term neighborhood amenities such as pocket parks, farmers markets, community gardens, outdoor art exhibits or the like.  The primary issue is the cost involved in leveling and grading the lots to ensure safety, and the cost of liability insurance.

If you are interested in more information or are interested in participating in this initiative, please contact SOAR's Real Estate Committee.