The mission of the Parks Task Force is to address the planning, management, safety, environmental, programming, and development issues of the parks, in partnership with stakeholders, in Streeterville so as to ensure protection of our parks and promote recreational and leisure opportunities for our families in the community.

Task Force Goals:

  1. Ensure that Parks Task Force is up to date and connected with the Chicago Park District and other community stakeholders on plans/discussions related to each park in Streeterville
  2. Establish an understanding and collaborative working relationship/connection with each Park Advisory Committee in Streeterville
  3. Support balance between needs of families, individuals, children, and pet owners in park plans
  4. Understand needs and interests of businesses/institutions as it relates to uses of parks and recreational needs of people who work in Streeterville
  5. Develop member awareness of park plans and activities
  6. Promote SOAR participation in the Parks Task Force
  7. Be a liaison as needed to other SOAR task forces such as Land Use and Development
  8. Recommend opportunities and execute SOAR engagement in the maintenance, preservation, enhancement and development of parks in conjunction with SOAR Board approval.

For more information, contact co-chairs Deb Danson or Linda Marshall

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