Project Description

The face of SOAR has a rich history of dedicated and passionate volunteers who have served the Streeterville community for 43 years. The face of SOAR is a winning combination of our generous volunteers who donate their valuable personal time, along with financial support from members, friends and neighbors like you. Now entering into our 44th year, SOAR is one of the oldest and most respected residential organizations in the city of Chicago.

The key to SOAR’s success has been our supporters. As you know Streeterville has a unique mix of
residential, institutional, business and cultural establishments. The support of all of these entities has
enabled SOAR to fulfill its mission to preserve, promote and enhance the quality of life and community
for Streeterville residents.

  • SOAR’s number one goal to build and celebrate community is vital in the support of our mission
    and we ask for your assistance to help us to continue. Although together we have accomplished much,
    our work is far from done. It takes financial support to keep the organization active and successful.
  • SOAR needs to continue efforts in order to fulfill its mission, vision and goals to protect our safety,
    to protect our property values, to protect our quality of life.
    We need to continue our advocacy for neighborhood issues that affect all of us. This takes financial support.
  • As the world changes, SOAR must change and remain relevant to current community issues and conditions. This requires financial support.

Annually at this time of year, we ask for your financial support. Your financial support in combination with our generous volunteers who contribute their valuable personal time and efforts will have a winning combination.

We hope you will consider a contribution to our financial Annual Appeal. We will use your contribution carefully on your behalf to better Streeterville. Thank you!

Deborah Gershbein
President, Streeterville Organization of Active Residents