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SOAR Position Statement

This section contains the SOAR position statements as well as Alderman response letters about issues within Streeterville.

SOAR is requesting a meeting with the CTA transit police team, 18th District Chicago Police Commander Daniel O’Shea and representatives of Alderman Brian Hopkins (2nd Ward) and Alderman Brendan Reilly (42nd Ward) to discuss increased monitoring of social media and police coverage at the Red Line’s Chicago/State and Grand/State stops.

SOAR’s position statement on Dave & Busters Water Tower proposal.

SOAR’s position statement of the initial review of the proposed development of 400 N. Lake Shore Drive.

Alderman Reilly’s invitation to community members about an upcoming Community Meeting on the topic of the 400 N. Lake Shore Drive Development.

SOAR’s letter to Alderman Reilly pertaining to the proposed Aerial Cable Cars on Riverwalk.

SOAR’s letter to Alderman Hopkins pertaining to Wildberry’s proposed Sidewalk Cafe.

Alderman Reilly’s letter to neighbors pertaining to the Firewater Tavern’s liquor license approval

SOAR’s position on the Firewater Saloon which was sent to the local Liquor Commissioner, Sharon Trotter

Letter SOAR received from Alderman Reilly with his position on the Firewater Saloon

SOAR’s letter to Alderman Reilly and Alderman Hopkins pertaining to new developments along the Chicago Riverwalk.

SOAR’s position on Ohio Street beach access in response to the shooting along Lake Shore Drive

Letter that SOAR received from Alderman Reilly about the Ohio Street underpass and the parking restrictions he has suggested

This is a letter SOAR received from Alderman Reilly about the Tavern License Moratorium which will be instituted within Streeterville.

This is a letter SOAR received from Alderman Reilly’s office about the condition of the Grand Street underpass.


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