Task Forces & Committees

The following describes the purpose of SOAR’s various task forces, committees and clubs. Streeterville residents are invited and encouraged to get involved. Any resident eighteen or older who is interested in participating should contact the chair of the task force or committee by email as indicated below.

Membership Task Force

Members are the core of SOAR. The Membership Task Force actively works to maintain and increase SOAR membership.

What we do: Solicit SOAR membership at community events; assist with planning SOAR Socials; solicit membership from local businesses; maintain relationships with members and businesses; and solicit membership renewals.

When we meet: As determined by chairs

Contact: Linda Marshall and Pam Woodward

Safety & Security Task Force

The Safety & Security Task Force actively works to secure public safety for all our neighbors.

What we do: Develop safety-related events, including town halls with elected officials; connect and communicate with local police force; create and distribute information on safety in an urban environment; develop safety programs, such as our WhistleStop program

When we meet: Monthly

Contact: Bob Johnson 

Land Use & Development Task Force

The Land Use & Development Task Force addresses land development issues, such as real estate development, traffic, and preservation, in order to ensure the desired balance between residential, commercial, institutional, retail, recreational and mixed uses that currently exist.

What we do: Advocate for green, pedestrian-friendly design and infrastructure for parking, new real estate developments, and green space; consider and respect the variety of institutions in Streeterville; identify opportunities to improve traffic patterns/flow.

When we meet: Every other month or as necessary

Contact: Gail Spreen and Judy Aiello-Fantus

Parks Task Force

The Parks Task Force works to improve the parks within Streeterville for the enjoyment and benefit of all Streeterville residents, employees and visitors.

What we do: Provide input to the Park District and their Advisory Councils by sharing information and ideas with the goal of enhancing the parks in Streeterville.

When we meet: Monthly

Contact: Linda Marshall

Marketing & Communications Task Force

The Marketing and Communications Task Force acts as the voice of SOAR. We handle all of the marketing, as well as special event planning. We communicate with our members and the Streeterville community via our electronic newsletters, social media, web and print materials.

What we do: Plan social media posts; curate neighborhood news for our SOAR Spotlight; write copy for SOAR events, flyers, and brochures; design materials as needed; assist in event planning and promotion.

When we meet: As needed

Contact: Clare Hennessy and Deborah Gershbein 

Greening & Sustainability Task Force

The Greening & Sustainability (G&S) Task Force encourages thoughtful, environmentally-conscious development in our ever-changing neighborhood. We serve as a resource to SOAR for info on environmental issues.

What we do: Develop educational activities to promote environmental sensitivity; develop “hands-on” opportunities to improve the environmental quality of Streeterville; act as a liaison to Chicago’s municipal agencies; conduct the annual Beautification and Green Ribbon awards.

When we meet: Quarterly 

Contact: Jay Lubinsky and Brian Butler

Farmers Market Task Force

The SOAR Farmers Market Task Force is responsible for orchestrating our Farmers Market that runs from June to October at the MCA Plaza. 

What we do: Coordinate with vendors; assist in marketing efforts of the market; and run the SOAR Info Booth at the market each Tuesday.

When we meet: As needed & Tuesdays when the market is in season 

Contact: Judy Aiello-Fantus and Debby Gershbein

Garden Club

The SOAR Garden Club is responsible for maintaining the gardens at Lake Shore Park. From purchasing the plants to weeding the beds, dedicated SOAR members keep this neighborhood garden looking fresh all season long.

What we do: Purchase plants; plant greenery; maintain weeds; and water garden.

When we meet: Saturday mornings during growing season

Contact: Judy Birk

Blueprints Gala Task Force

The Blueprints Committee plans our annual Blueprints Gala. This is our largest fundraising event where each year, the SOAR Vision Into Reality Award is presented to Chicagoans in the arts and architecture who have communicated the unique beauty of Streeterville and Chicago to the world. 

What we do: Nominate honorees; communicate with sponsors and donors; assist in marketing efforts; and plan and execute event.

When we meet: As needed

Contact: Clare Hennessy

Fundraising Task Force

The Fundraising Committee assists in fundraising efforts through the year.

What we do: Identify fundraising opportunities; and assist with Annual Appeal.

When we meet: As needed

Contact: Debby Gershbein