SOAR Board of Directors

Streeterville residents who are interested in being considered as a candidate to serve as a director of SOAR’s Board of Directors are invited to submit an application to the nominating committee. Applicants must be SOAR members in good standing.

SOAR Board members gain interesting and important insights into how all stakeholders work together to build and celebrate community in Streeterville.  To turn these insights into policy requires participation by neighborhood constituents who offer complementary skills and experience.

The SOAR board is a working board. We expect our directors to take an active role on the board in support of our mission and membership.

The nominating committee will consider candidates who meet these criteria and the following guidelines:

  • Participate actively in SOAR e.g. serve on a committee or task force, volunteer at events, etc.
  • Be willing to commit to attending regularly scheduled board meetings and SOAR events.
  • Be willing to help set policy, work on SOAR organizational issues, and provide fiscal oversight. Support fundraising and development activities and contribute to SOAR’s Annual Appeal.
  • Be willing to serve as an ambassador for SOAR and promote membership in the Streeterville community.
  • Be willing to contribute to the Annual Appeal.

SOAR Board members are elected for two (2) year terms.

To submit an application please click here.