After the rain cleared Tuesday morning at the SOAR Farmers Market, Chef Doug Wroble from The Lunchroom at SPACE 519 got right to work setting up his space for our first Chef Demo of the season. Out of his cart came brussels sprouts, pumpkins seeds, green apples, hearts of palm, parmesan, and cauliflower fresh from Smits Farms. Smiling and joking the whole way, Chef Wroble served up one of his favorite items off The Lunchroom’s menu: Green and White Salad. The green brussels sprouts and apples and white cauliflower and parmesan were tossed in a massive metal bowl and served onto eco-friendly bamboo plates. Hundreds of SOAR Farmers Market shoppers lined up to get a taste as Chef Wroble chatted about the ingredients, the dressing, and how much he loves cooking outside. In the end, with all plates used, people continued to line up for just a forkful of the salad. Over 250 market shoppers sampled the Green and White Salad, and we thank Chef Doug Wroble and The Lunchroom for kicking off our 2018 Chef Demo series!

Want to try the Green and White Salad for yourself?