The mission of the Land Use & Development Task Force is to address the land use, planning, preservation, traffic, transportation, zoning, & real estate development issues in the Streeterville community so as to ensure the desired balance between residential, commercial, institutional, retail, recreational and mix uses that currently exists in our neighborhood. The Task Force will strive to represent the whole community when addressing the issues outlined above and will encourage the following principles when issues are presented:

  • Green design & infrastructure
  • Create pedestrian friendly environment
  • Respect for the variety of uses & institutions in Streeterville
  • Adequate & well designed parking garages that create active & attractive exterior spaces
  • Preservation of neighborhood treasures: architectural, historic or natural made
  • Increase landscaped green & open space
  • World class architectural design
  • Encourage additional transit options for the area
  • Opportunities to improve traffic patterns & flow

The Task Force has five specific areas of focus:

Traffic & Transportation
Work with CDOT on a Streeterville Traffic Study

Coordinate with other organizations to help with initiative

Greening & Sustainability
Do a Tree Survey of Streeterville, have a “Trees In Trouble” Initiative to help with more successful planting, growth and sustainability of our trees

Neighborhood Infrastructure
Improvements throughout the neighborhood

Try to get retail we would like to see in Streeterville and minimize the vacancy.

For more information, contact co-chairs Judy Aiello and Gail Spreen.

2019 Meetings