Our Mission

The mission of the SNVU Task Force is to update the 2015 Streeterville Neighborhood Plan to incorporate the changing social, demographic, environmental, and economic context of our community. We will collaborate with Streeterville’s residents, leaders, employees, employers, businesses, institutions, and other stakeholders to better understand our community today in the context of broader City trends and to define actions to lead us into the future.

Task Force Goals:

Our main goals for the vision plan process update are to:

  • Understand how our neighborhood has changed since the last plan and how it continues to change, to strengthen SOAR’s role as an expert resource for neighborhood information.

  • Create strategies to protect the positive aspects of our neighborhood that contribute to our quality of life and unique neighborhood identity such as infrastructure, amenities, and the public realm.

  • Incorporate new demographic characteristics of the community into plans for adjusted services, amenities, engagement, and infrastructure.

  • Develop methods to tackle impending changes such as shifting housing needs, population characteristics, and commercial/retail demand.

  • Reconnect with our neighborhood’s stakeholders and co-create an updated vision for our collective future and to foster stronger community social networks through SOAR.

Task Force Meetings

Held as needed

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